Thursday, November 23, 2017

Parent/Community Outreach

The new age of shared responsibility for educating Eureka Counties students can open many doors for exchange of resources between business and schools. Technology-related activities are a natural for these partnerships. Through the District’s advanced School-to-Work program and a technological rich learning environment within ECSD schools, business and schools can well serve each other.

ECSD is developing strategies for increasing parent and family involvement with technology. Educating families to the appropriate use of technology raises the technology literacy level of parents, thus empowering them to become a true resource to their children’s learning. The skills parent’s learn using technology will become a valuable resource in their own functioning, both at home and on the job. As ECSD adds more sophisticated communication technologies to parents, the frequency of interaction between school and parent will increase. The use of voice mail in ECSD has demonstrated increased interaction between parent and teacher. With the proliferation of online technologies, parents will be able to monitor classroom activities as often as daily. Since parent involvement has been identified as one factor in increasing student learning, the most important result of this role for technology is the positive impact it will have on student achievement.

Community and parent participation in the STEP plan will be occurring on many levels. Many of the activities are also supported in the Technology Literacy Challenge Fund, supported by the five county consortium and Great Basin College. To gain a broad spectrum of input and support, the District will encourage the following:

Brochures for the county concerning technology implementation and evaluations.

District Board of Trustees newsletter to be distributed throughout the county.

Press releases (print and local PBS)

Participation of business advisory groups

Providing information to and seeking input from other school districts, regional partnerships or consortium such as the Northeastern Nevada School-to-Career Partnership and Rural Telecommunications Task Force.

Provide information on District’s web page.

School newsletters for parents and students

Back-to-School Night

Acceptance of community members and parents to be members of the District’s technology committee.

Internet electronic mail to administrators and teachers from parents.

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